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Freedom and self-sufficient

by May 22, 2020Blog1 comment

How can I stay in power and have a living with a happy soal in this economic system? Something where I will write this blog over!

I lost a lot of energie when I’m thinking about the system where we live in! I missed the connectie with nature and have a living out of my passion and the livegoal that I have on this earth. After my study I felt myself stucked with the idea for finding a job and working till my pension. I missed the idea of freedom and live in cooperation with nature! 

22may(the day that I wrote also this blog) is always a special day for me! It’s the day in 2016 that I lost a good friend that couldnt find his way in  the system. It’s the day that my life totaly changed!!! The day that I start the understanding of the soal!

Its also the day in 2018 that I visit the rainbowtemple in Australia. A  magical place what’s create the connection between us as human being, the earth and the universe.  A place where the owner say. I need on the photo with you. And…. Every year I understand it better

The biggest question for me last years was!! How can I create for myself a happy life in this system?? I’m always into self-sufficient and see this also as a lifestyle with freedom to build up.

I’m young now, finished my study, have traveled a lot and many knowledge that it is the time to settle down and create more and more freedom! It’s the time to find a place where I can build up my dreamlife! Without a big loaning or a big house where I need to pay a lot of interest! I will build it up with my hands, as an Indian. Every year a bit more self sufficient in food, energy and conform. So need I to pay in the years less and less money for livelihood and can I create more freedom for my spiritual path! Also taking people with me on this path and fulfill my soul so much as possible. I’m not somebody they will live somewhere alone! I need to share what’s is going on in my mind.

When I have creating more and more freedom.  I will have my property as pension and food an electricity by myself. I’m living with a group of soul fulling people. It’s a group that takes care of each other and doing all there own thing what give them the energy that they need! For me it will be food and creating a food forest! Sharing the knowledge with people and connect them with food and nature!! So can I create the world a bit better!

Do you believe that I can create this??? At least I believe it.

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